About Us

  • EHAF Automation
  • EHAF Automation, is a leading company in the automation industry sector in Saudi Arabia. The company was started and established back in 2010. The company has a sister company called MASC in Sudan which was established in 2002.
  • At EHAF, we deliver leading-edge automation solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs of intra-logistics processes in industry, production and distribution centers. Our activities, when serving and providing solutions to our customers, include designing, implementing, and installing control systems to meet the needs of our clients
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  • Our engineers, are regularly involved in a variety of projects from the start to the end, which provides them with a wealth of knowledge regarding the implementation of new technologies in various fields. They are also skilled in troubleshooting, programming and configuring control systems. This knowledge and skills are available to our customers ensuring the best and most cost-effective solution to all projects.
  • Some of our projects were in these sectors: telecommunications, oil and gas, power plants, and plastic manufacturing companies. With this wide range of experiences, our talented engineers have proved themselves capable of providing our customers with the most innovative solutions, regardless of the size and complexity of a project
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  • Aside from the solutions we offer when required, we have come up with products of our own design that became essential to some of our clients in the process control and communications fields. Moreover, we do train our customers’ technical staff to use our products efficiently and efficaciously, while also offering them our technical support whenever needed.